Adventure No.8


A 150 mile impromptu one nighter


One Night Stand


When a weekend unexpectedly became free there was only one thing for it - squeeze in a cheeky adventure. After scanning the UK for lumpy bits with lanes, I plumped for Snowdonia - an area I hadn't cycled in very much, and close to my place of birth, as a kinda spiritual bonus. I jumped on the train and braced myself for rain...but it never came.

After the initial setback of a puncture after 4 miles I had two days of sunshine, outrageously steep mountain passes, getting psyched out by a gang of bulls and having to sleep in the opposite field, a steady recurrence of said puncture, and some spectacularly lit hillsides. It's nice to know that adventure is possible with literally no time to plan. Here's to more spontaneity.