1st May 2017




Tour de Pasty


At 9pm on the dot(ish), a rag-tag bunch of 30(ish) intrepid cyclists clipped in and pushed off from the Rockets & Rascals Bicycle Emporium, into a chilly Cornish night. Each rider would follow their own route, joining up four checkpoints spread across the length and breadth of Cornwall each with their own unique take on how to approach the challenge.

Some planned to smash round 220 miles in one go on a featherweight racing bike with no sleep, some had packed tents and stoves to make a weekend of it. For me it was the perfect practice run for the start of the TCR to find out what it feels like to cycle through the night and well into the following day. 240 miles, a few pasties, a few beers and some new friends later it was mission accomplished.